Door To Door


Door to Door

Door to door distribution is your leaflets delivered to residential homes in the target areas you earmark. We provide two different types of residential leaflet distribution which are, shared and solus delivery options. Both options you are able to track your order as our distributors have a state of the art live GPS tracking device attached to their bags plus supervisors spot checking providing extra added guarantee. We believe this will enables us to provide a high standard professional service with your business needs as top priority providing instant success as a result.

Solus Leaflet Distribution

will be your leaflet delivered on its own without any other leaflets competing for the customers attention. Solus distribution will see you get a higher return for your money as it will be the only leaflet hitting the door mat, It will also ensure your leaflet is delivered to a designated timescale that is agreed prior to commencing delivery of your leaflets. With Solus your able to be more targeted with your distribution by picking a set area or a radius around a set point as well as postcodes sectors

Shared leaflet distribution

Is an economical way of getting your leaflet through the letterboxes of your potential customers. Shared distribution will be your leaflet delivered to the areas requested with a start time of up to 3 weeks. This enables us to source up to 3 other non-conflicting items to deliver alongside yours, from our data base of clients. This option offers a very cost effective way of being seen in every household in a post code sector.

Piggy Back leaflet distribution

Piggy back distribution is shared distributions we already have planned, which you can jump on board for a discounted price. All you need to do is pick the postcode sectors from the pre planned deliveries and have your leaflets ready for collection (at least a week before the start date) To view the next Piggy back distribution please click the Piggy back distribution calendar below.

Piggy Back Distribution Calendar

We know that other distribution providers may charge you less for delivery – however you have to question the reliability and trustworthiness of these prices. Leaflet Guys offer what is a fair and competitive price for delivery. You can be 100% sure with Leaflet Guys you will receive exactly what is requested for your business. Is it worth saving £10-20 when in fact you are paying somebody to throw away your leaflets or deliver a few before discarding the rest?

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