About Us

Leaflet Guy’s are a local family owned business that continues to grow fast as we’re both reliable and cost effective. Our workforce is dedicated to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible return, when they invest in their leaflet delivery marketing campaigns. Our business specialises in ensuring you receive the highest quality of service throughout the journey of working with us.

We have extensive knowledge of the local areas and the demographics. This knowledge gives us a distinct advantage over our competition, by enabling us to offer our customers a bespoke delivery service, tailored to their exact requirements.

We have helped hundreds of businesses to grow just by doing what we do best, offering a reliable leaflet distribution service in the west midlands. Our motto is ‘if you make money, we make money’ and we do this by making sure your leaflet gets to the doors you choose.

It’s simple with Leaflet Guy’s you choose:

  1. How you want it
  2. Where you want
  3. When you want it

Then leave the rest to us.


- All our Distributors are fit and health as they combine jogging with walking to make them more productive enabling us to pay a better wage. Our team of distributors are dressed in a bespoke uniform that is personalised to the Leaflet Guy’s brand. This ensures high visibility when seen by the public delivering your leaflets, instantly raising awareness for your business.


- All our delivery distributors are supervised by area managers who’s sole job is to follow the distributors all day. This is to ensure that all deliveries have been done with the right number of leaflets and all streets ticked off the list. We can safeguard and ensure your leaflet is delivered to give you optimum return in sales as a result of the distribution.

Fluent English Speakers

- All our employees are fluent in the English language so there is no barriers when the distributor is asked about your business offer they are delivering. Each employee will be briefed about your company, locality and offers to ensure they have the knowledge to pass on if asked.

Higher Wages

- All our employees are trained, honest and reliable adult distributors who respect and take pride in their jobs. Results have proven that paying workers a good wage raises morale and produces better results. It is common that a leaflet delivery person is paid around £20 to deliver 1000 leaflets. It can take someone walking 7 – 9 hours to deliver 1000 leaflets which means these people can be expected to work for as little as £2.22 per hour and can be completely unsupervised, this means the job just doesn’t get done or not to the expected standards of the clients. We ensure that all our clients are more than satisfied with the service and professional quality we have set since the beginning of our business – resulting in a guaranteed service.


- Independent research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association concluded that:

  • 78% of people keep, pass on, read or glance at door drops
  • 48% of consumers visit a shop, send for information or buy a product after receiving a door drop
  • Between 62% and 71% of consumers claim samples, coupons and offers are useful

Our Guarantee

- 100% of your leaflets delivered or we’ll give you your money back.

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